February 9th, 2011

My cover!

Writers Week at Los Altos High & Ellen Hopkins

I enjoyed this year's stint as Visiting Author at a local high school's Writers Week yesterday.
The students had interesting questions about publishing, inspiration, revision and, of course, adapting your novel into a feature film. I gave a SEA poster to each for the four teachers to hang in their class. And one to the very sweet Superintendent. ;)

Thanks so much to Los Altos High for hosting me!

Ellen Hopkins was a fellow visiting author, so last evening, Kepler's hosted a signing in conjunction with Writers Week. I signed copies of SEA for some folks who came out to to get their hot-off-press copies of Ellen's new novel FALLOUT signed.

For those of you who know Ellen, and have heard her speak, you know she's the real deal. She writes for her readers. She emails them back. She answers their hard questions, advising when she can. She is her words in verse.

The way Ellen evokes her personal tragedies and challenges into works that continue inspire teenagers and better their lives is so incredibly inspiring.

Thanks, Ellen!