January 28th, 2011

My cover!

So Damon.

What to do with you.

Last night I felt compelled* to Tweet, "Girls: like boys like Damon on TV, but boys like Stefan in real life." The response was a mix of YES to, "No, I still like Damon. And you can't stop me!" Well, nothing that protestable, as they know I'm mostly just trying to Say the Right Thing and don't truly mean it in my heart of hearts.

Or do I?

Okay, the reason we all adore Damon is because of Ian Somerhalder's portrayal of him. If the bad boy vamp brother who snaps necks and sucks on sorority girls like Slurpees was played by a creeper, no one would like him.

I'm Damon Salvatore! Wanna make out?

But we all know that Ian is a lover of puppies and Planet Earth and Tweets sweetly to his fans. Ian is a PUPPY DOG. And sexy as hell. And brings the combination of both to his portrayal of Damon. So when Damon is doing the nasty all around Mystic Falls, we can still see that sweetness behind his scowl...why?


He's playing a role. In a TV show.

In real life is someone snapped my siblings neck, guzzled from flasks, and generally moped around feeling sorry for himself because of his lot in life? I would call him like he is:

a sociopath, mass-murdering, alcoholic.

And believe me girls, they are no fun to date.

*You made me do it!